Harmless Banter by Beverly Taylor Design

“We are a collection of handmade tiles that can turn any mundane surface into a work of art”

March 21st, 2013


John Whitmarsh’s new collection of tiles for Cle is all about breaking boundaries. He has taken the raw, authentic textures of nature and handcrafted each individual tile to create unique tiles with imperfect surafces. His inspiration comes from those surfaces which one often overlooks- telephone poles, rough wood, street signs.  In an Q+A with the “tiles” in Interiors & Sources Magazine, they explain that “John pays homage of the beauty of our imperfections. He loves us just the way we are.” His tiles create a work of art on any surface and will give any space a completely unique look. The tile’s pet peeve? “Narrow-minded silly folks who think that tile needs to be shiny in order to be beautiful.” 

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