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“Treasures Can Be Found Anywhere”… Charles Hester (my dad)

October 6th, 2014



Photo from Cote de Texas

I have heard it said so many times… how lucky I am to be a designer…because of all

the resources I have at my finger tips, that the general public doesn’t have access to,

it must make it so easy to  put things together.

While this is true, I like to believe my ” luck”  is a keen eye to detail and knowing where

and how to look is how to put the “icing on the cake”.

Albert Hadley’s quote above really resonates with me because  it validates my feeling- that things don’t  have to always take

a lot of money to design or decorate a room.  It does, however, take a good eye

to find and see that special “sumpin’ sumpin'”…. despite the quality of the

piece, the place that it was found or the preconception it does not have the proper pedigree.

This is where a good designer does their job. In reality they can really save you money on your project and make your space

something unique, special and enhance your lifestyle.

As my dad taught me a long time ago,  you can find a “treasure” ANYWHERE!

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