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THE WELL OF BEING- a children’s book for adults

June 10th, 2015

Book cover.- November, 2012.indd


THE WELL OF BEING – by French-born, Baltimore-based artist Jean-Pierre Weill, is a beautifully illustrated book of watercolors and an extraordinary “children’s book for adults.” It peers into the depths of human experience, our pursuit of happiness and the meaning of our existence. He questions what it means to be completely alive in our daily moments.

Jean-Pierre begins with life’s ultimate purpose as instructed by Ramchal, an 18th Century Italian mystic and the book ends with an unique retelling of the mystery that we call growing up and offers a refreshing and empowering ways to rethink it.

“Who are we, really, when we silence the ego’s shrill commands about who we should be and simply listen to the song of life as it sings itself through us?”







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