Harmless Banter by Beverly Taylor Design

The perfect place to take a seat or rest your feet.

March 18th, 2013

The Frank Gehry left twist cube is a fun, colorful addition to any room, inside or outside. Rest your drink or take a seat- it’s perfect for anything and everything! The best part? The assortment of bright colors. The cubes are stackable and versatile, and the smooth surface is easy to clean!



This copper table/resting place would be beautiful outside or inside.



These fun metallic chairs/tables can be used inside or out. They’re eco-friendly and will make a great statement in any space.


This Crate and Barrell stool or table would be great in an outdoor space. The curvy lines mirror those found in nature.


These versatile tables or seats are so fun and will look great in any space! Rest your drink or take a seat.


BTD team


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