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February 3rd, 2014

Elsie Tabouret

tab·o·ret also tab·ou·ret  (tăb′ə-rĕt′, -rā′)


1. A low stool without a back or arms originally in the shape of a drum.
2. A low stand or cabinet.

Origin of TABORET

French tabouret, literally, small drum, from Middle French, diminutive of tabor, tabour drum, from Old French

First Known Use: 1630


The original Elsie Tabouret was designed by Elsie de Wolfe Mendel, the “First Lady of Interior Decoration” and mentor to Duquette. So taken with Duquette’s talent, de Wolfe introduced him into Hollywood society, personally commissioning significant pieces for her home to showcase his abilities. It was through this recognition that Duquette rose to worldwide fame and established himself as one of the leading designers of his time. This sophisticated replica of the original – which now resides in Duquette’s historic studio – pays homage to this important association and friendship and remarks upon the sophisticated spirit of the woman behind Duquette’s early fame.

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