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Small Space? No Problem!

September 12th, 2013

Sometimes small spaces can be discouraging, but luckily, Design is magic! Here are a few tips to trick your eye by creating an impression of expansiveness.

-Instead of hanging curtains at the top of the window molding, go all the way up to a few inches below the ceiling. This will help make the room feel taller.

via myhomeideas.net

via myhomeideas.net

-Treating walls and floors with stripes can expand the sense of space.

via hgtv

via hgtv

-Use lighting to bounce your eye around the room.

-Mirrors and reflective finishes create a “vista” and bring light into dark spaces.

-Use art or frames to create faux doorways or windows to make a room feel bigger.

-Hide your closets and doors by using touch latches and recessed pulls.

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