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Small Fry(day) – Room to play

January 3rd, 2014

Happy New Year!  I try to keep my list of resolutions fairly simple each year, because who really keeps them all year long anyway?!  Well, this one is one I hope I can follow through with a little better.  My goal is to utilize our family playroom.  Sounds easy enough, right?  We have a huge space, but it often gets passed over for playing downstairs in the den.  I am determined to change that.  While I realize that the main purpose of the room is for the kids to be able to play, whenever I sit in there, I am always thinking of a dozen ways to change it to better suit my current tastes.  I have been gathering some inspiration for the space, and while there is no huge makeover in the plans, I think I can make some small changes that hopefully make ME want to be in there more. 

We have one empty wall in our play room that is upwards of 12 feet that needs some attention, and where I plan to start.  Here are a few ideas I have bouncing around in my head from some of my favorite play rooms. 

I love the art wall in this room.  It is full of kid’s artwork hung simply with washi tape.  It adds a lot of color and would be super simple to change out.9-miranda-brooks_16413357680

Here is another idea for displaying artwork, using just clothespins.item11_rendition_slideshowWideHorizontal_jenni-kayne-10

Lastly, a wall of bookshelves to take up some of the expanse and add some storage.Playroom+children+art+space+play+area+jL1CE2DtBVMl

I will keep you posted on my progress.  Meanwhile, what’s on your list of New Year’s resolutions for 2014? 

Are you planning a nursery?  Want to keep the conversation going?  Please email Lisa at btbaby@beverlytaylordesign.com.

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