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Organized My Pantry…

May 3rd, 2010

………..so guess what I’m going to show you …..
That’s right!  Things to help you get organized that
I think are wonderful.

Spice Rack Storage/Organizer
Snap the spices in the holders and Voila’ !
It gives you extra room inside the cabinet.

Shelf Cabinet Organizer
This is the perfect organizer for your plates and not only looks
nice when you open the doors but easy to get the size dish that you need.
Pot Lid Container Organizer (set of 2)
Finding the right pot lid will drive you crazy but not with this.

DV International Under the Sink Storage Shelf
It sooo much easier to find what is stored under the sink
with this little adjustable shelf.  It fits any space under the sink.

You will find all of these goodies at www.amazon.com
Look on the left side of the page click -Kitchen and Dining then click 
Storage and Organization.

This is not my typical post but I just love it when things are organized.
With my kitchen done maybe I will get to my studio!!!
Happy Monday.

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