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OH SO MANY COLOR CHOICES…..How do I Choose a Color to Paint the Babies Nursery?

March 14th, 2010

You use to hear that babies are attracted to bright primary colors. Initially, babies eyes are not strong enough to perceive color.
Instead they are able to notice contrasting patterns like black and white. After two months, babies eyes are strong enough to see
as much as an adult. “Science Daily“-July 27,2004
states that- “Color perception is not innate but acquired after birth through experience.” It is then up to you to let them experience ALL the “crayon colors” in the box, just not necessarily on the walls. Take advantage of color research-and use the evidence showing how color affects adults.

A bold color that attracts attention. It increases your pulse, breathing and blood pressure. It is the food color because it makes you hungry by increasing metabolism. That is why you notice the color a lot in restaurants. I would only use as an accent and avoid using it on the walls.

A comfortable color that exudes confidence, creativity and adventure. It is a friendly, fun-loving and welcoming color that can create a cozy room or make a modern statement.

A color that is bright so it would be best not to use too much of it. It can cause negative effects, making babies cry more often and longer. You don’t want to agitate the baby. As you get older you may start to dislike the color yellow because it can make you feel anxious.

A good color to use in a learning environment because it promotes calmness and concentration. Because you see
so much of this color in nature- it is mother nature’s color- you can’t go wrong.

Most people will say that blue is their favorite color. It is another color that is calming and promotes productivity BUT the shade of blue makes a difference. Blue-gray can be a bit sad.
In a nursery, try to stay with warm or bright blues and don’t overuse navy or dark shades.

Purple has always been associated with royalty. The pastels are more calming. It is a fantasy color. Most men dislike purple.

It is no secret that little girls love pink. Pink is known as the color for all things girly and sweet. It is also a calming color that makes you feel prosperous and pampered. The only bad effect for going overboard with the color pink is that it may promote a bit of a princess attitude!

White is clean, pure and innocent and can promote a sense of secretiveness. Use with splashes of color to arouse emotion and openness. One color + white = an almost foolproof color scheme.

This color inspires contemplation, much they same as a cloudy day affects you. So be careful with the color because sadness and loneliness are a part of this contemplative feeling. If you use this color, use a warm tone with bright colors.

This is the color of the earth and is not the best choice for a baby’s room. It can be a sad and melancholy color. Remember that it is also the color of “other things” so be careful. Go either dark chocolate or a light beige or tan.

This is another color to use sparingly. It is best to use in rooms with lots of light and windows. It is best used as an accent color.

Once you have chosen a color, you need to look for paints that are Zero- VOC (volatile organic compounds) or paints established by Green Seal. These paints don’t emit chemicals into the air that can cause many bad side effects.

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