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Nutshell Version Of My Holiday Weekend

May 31st, 2010

Going Over The Bridge To Get To The Island
Opened the window to smell the air
Opened the shades, Squirted down the windows outside so there was a “clear” view of the ocean,
Dressed For Dinner To Meet Old Friends. 
So Enjoyed seeing everyone!

Slept Late, Lie In The Hammock and Read… Until I heard and felt the strings popping.  When The Sixth One Popped and I was sagging to the floor I decided to go downstairs and started Sitting on the Porch to Read, Took a Nap, Read Some More,
Dressed for Dinner To Meet Old Friends, Ate Too Too Much
Continued conversations and told same funny stories.

Slept Late, read on the porch, took a nap, finished one book and started another, took another nap, got too much sun, made appetizers to take to friends house and again….ate too much.
Said good bye to friends until the next time…

Cleaned, Packed, Closed Up.

Opened the windows to smell the air…
So sad to say Good bye, Beach..

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  1. Herb Land says:

    I love the hydrangeas!!!!

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