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Nolte Home Studio……..

May 10th, 2011

is a new showroom in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Nolte is a German company and the world’s largest producers of fitted kitchens and bedrooms. Their styles range from classical to highly contemporary.
I recently visited the showroom and wanted to share with you.
I love their use of space with well thought out storage options.

Welcome to …….

Closet Unit with many outside door choices
and they can be configured for your needs.

 Lift up cabinet doors that light up the inside
of the cabinet as well as the counter space below it.

 Storage is planned with drawers under the sink.

Shelves in the pantry pull out for easy access
A wonderful selection of hardware from which to choose.

The decorative panel on the backsplash is different
and there are several motifs that you can choose.

Normally where you have a toe-kick they offer
more storage.

Two spaces under the sink and I like
this bottom drawer for recyclables and compost.

A different take on the corner cabinet lazy-susan.
This pulls completely out for full access.
The whole space can be utilized.

Anyone need a new kitchen?
I would love to help design it using this product!

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