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July 21st, 2011

Aren’t you amazed at the lack of proper upbringing evidenced by peoples actions in traffic, customer service, simple acts of courtesies not being acknowledged and the list can go on……
Well, these subtle hints, on bumper stickers, hint in a nice way what some people need to be reminded of.
The following is a post from- Privilege Blog
What other sayings can we come up with??? Hummmmmm
Let’s join in the campaign of supporting the art of being polite!!


The Privilege[d] Bumper Stickers Are Here[!]


Some time ago, we discussed bumper stickers with a few choice High WASP sayings. Rejoice. Or perhaps murmur happily and discreetly. They have arrived.
The kind people at Build A Sign sent this package.
Which, when opened, revealed shrinkwrapped bumper stickers. “Well that’s clever,” I thought.
Inside, the High WASP mottos you all chose. I’ll be affixing A Simple Thank You Will Suffice to my sturdy Rav4.
Quelle Mess! A Simple Thank You Will Suffice, That Behavior Is Not Very Attractive
As you remember, these are yours for the asking. I’ll be sending them out next week to those who have already expressed interest. I have extras, so if you’d like one, send me an email with your address.. The options are:
  • A Simple Thank You Will Suffice
  • Quelle Mess!
  • That Behavior Is Not Very Attractive
  • Five Minutes Early Is On Time
In return for generously providing these free of charge, Build A Sign want me to link to them for their services offering Custom Signs. Done.
The Build A Sign people have been very helpful to work with. In the interest of full disclosure, I do have to say that their user interface behaves confusingly here and there, illogically spawning saved and unsaved versions of one’s work along the way. However, I may have made everything more difficult by a) insisting on 4 different versions b) uploading my own JPGs because I had to have this  particular typewriter font rather than the fonts provided in their design tool. High WASPs are picky. I have no other excuse.
I’m happy with the results and quite like the way they look.
The other day I read an article via The Preppy Princess, in which The Huffington Post indicates that preppy has come to mean a style, not a set of values. That’s fine. As a Northern Californian I was never at home in that term to begin with. I’m also all for flexibility of language, and find the French Académie to be kind of, well, silly. On the other hand, some values from this culture, whether we call it preppy or High WASP, are worth hanging on to. Showing up on time is a good thing. Thank yous even better.
Thank you all then, for supporting courtesy. While perhaps we can’t vote for polite, certainly we can campaign.

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