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Let’s Travel with Design!

October 3rd, 2012

After going to the International Festival in Raleigh this past weekend…we’re on an international kick. 

Let’s travel to the Middle East with some easy design techniques!

If you’re hoping to change some of the traditional elements of your home, cover your ceilings in fabric to create the feeling of a tent retreat. Since you’ll be using a lot of fabric, a basic cloth such as muslin will do. 

Give your boring walls a rough, aged look by randomly applying a thin coat of plaster or use a color wash for a similiar textured look. 

Strip and scrub your finished floorboards for a natural and rustic look.

Using natural floor coverings such as sisal, jute, coir and seagrass can really compliment your international flavor of design.

Find new uses for old treasures, such as an old carved Indian 
door on supports for a coffee-table top. 

Be creative with your texties, look for colorful patterns, and if you’re having trouble finding what you want…

don’t be afraid to use bedspreads, saris or shawls. 

Cushions covered in mirrored fabrics can add a special sparkle to your space. 

Use creative treasures such as ceramic plates depicting local patterns as artwork to display on your walls. 

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