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Let’s Go Outside And Do Some Damage

May 18th, 2010

Wonderful finds from Terrain
LOVE. THIS. OLD. WATERING. CART. It is a mid-century from the UK that provided irrigation. Think of all the things
you can do with this piece.  Fill with ice and drinks for the first outdoor party of the season, fill with plants, use it to irrigate your garden, put a top on it and use as a fun server…see what I mean?

Nature rusted Iron Allium Stem perfect in the garden or your flower box and you 
can’t kill it!

Pretty Pretty Outdoor Rug

Plant Stakes….so you don’t forget what you planted.
You know it always looks so different as a big plant compared to the new plant.

Concrete Magnolia handmade by a US artist.  Perfect for a Southern garden.
Bespoke Slatted Bench weathered to perfection found in the UK.

The birds are going to LOVE you for giving them their own “swimming pool.”
 I do love sunflowers.  They make me smile.

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  1. Herb Land says:

    I would rather grow the real alliums of purple and big stalks in my perennial gardens…I like sunflowers too….however they get so tall…..

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