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“Laughter Is An Instant Vacation” – Milton Berle

October 12th, 2010

Dr. Madan Lal Kataria has an unusual claim.  Not only is he the Guru of Giggling but he
is the self proclaimed leader of an international movement that promotes laughter….
as a cure for just about anything that ails you.  

Now, that is my kind of doctor!! 

We don’t know the numbers of followers but in India alone there are 6,000 laughter yoga clubs.
He believes that laughter is “A connector of people. No barriers. No language.”
He also believes that whether you really laugh or pretend to laugh, your body can’t tell
the difference.  Laughter has transformative effects that can for that moment erase fears, needs and provide a bit of spiritual enlightenment.
At the moment, the most solid scientific argument that can be made about
laughter and healing is that briefly it can eliminate pain. 
Now, for those that would like to find out more…Kataria is discussing plans to build and ashram that will be called………

I wonder…..what the school song would be, the mascot, would you have to take math,
would they have a football team and what would the cheers sound like.

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