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August 1st, 2012

Beverly Taylor Design’s newest service
*What is bT2?
bT2/internet interiors is an alternative design service by Beverly Taylor Design, offering custom-designed spaces for the Do-it-yourselfers.
*Who is bT2 for?
bT2/internet interiors is for the customer that enjoys doing projects on their own and does not want or need the full services of Beverly Taylor Design. Some may want to address a single room in their house; others may be working with a limited budget. Clients may want to do their own purchasing based on our design plan for their space. Regardless the reason, all interested customers share a desire for a personalized design experience and enjoy being involved in that process. 
*Where are bT2’s clients located?
Our clients can live anywhere in the world. All communication is done via email and phone. 
*How does bT2 work?
Once we have received the information from your “homework” page that tells us about your sense of style and what needs to be done, we will put together your personal design package. 
Check back with us tomorrow for details about our CONTEST, and find out how you could win a custom designed room courtesy of  bT2/ internet interiors!!


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