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Introducing Micle Mihai Cristian from Freshome!!!

September 18th, 2012

Freshome is an interior design
design news & architecture blog magazine. 
There are many reasons why this blog is one of our favorites. We love the interesting and original content in their daily blog posts. This blog is full of interesting information. Absolutely anything you want to read about in the design world…you can find at the freshome blog…whether it be apartments, architecture, furniture, hotels & resorts and even ideas. 
We were lucky enough to catch Micle Mihai Cristian, the founder of freshome, during his down time from blogging to interview him! With that being said….Ladies and Gentleman, introducing one of our favorite bloggers,
Micle Mihai Cristian..

Q- What is one possession you can’t live without?
A- Sport! Before starting Freshome I was playing lots of sports everyday since I was a kid and sport is in my blood.

Q- What does luxurious design mean to you?
A- Luxurious design is all about small details that at a first glance aren’t visible, but after you pay more attention to that design you start to see them and say WOW.

Q- How would you describe yourself in 5 words?
A- Determined, ambitious, perseverant, crazy, smart.

Q- What’s the last “design” book you read?
A- The Luxury Strategy” – Not 100% about design, but you can learn a few things about design when you study luxury.

Q-  If money were not an option, what one piece of furniture/accessory would you buy?
A- I might run a site about interior design & architecture but to be honest I can’t say that there is a piece of furniture that I really want to buy. I wanted an Herman Miller Embody Chair, but guess what …I got it this week. 🙂

(What a great looking chair!!)

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