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Introducing Amanda Wright from Wit & Whistle

September 12th, 2012

Hello Everyone!
A few weeks ago, when reading some of our favorite blogs, Beverly and I decided…”hey, let’s interview some of our favorite bloggers, so that our followers can learn more about them.”¬†

So here we are…interviewing some of our favorite bloggers so that we can introduce them to you…our lovely followers ūüôā

Our first “Blogger Interview” was with Amanda Wright. She is the founder of Wit & Whistle, an online shop, that sells quirky and creative paper goods (you can also find her stuff in a handful of stores.)¬†Wit & Whistle offers witty greeting cards and whistle worthy paper goods…all designed and illustrated by Amanda! She’s big into DIY projects and being creative, which is what she uses her blog for…to document her creative ventures. We think her blog is a breath of fresh air, and are so excited to introduce you to her! Here is our interview with her…

Amanda Wright

BTD: What is the best design advice you’ve ever been given?
Amanda: Well, this isn’t really advice, but I look at it that way!¬†My junior year in design college my professor was giving me my semester review, and he told me that he couldn’t tell if I was going to be an amazing designer or just a good designer. I took that as advice to strive for amazing and never be content with the current quality of my work.¬†
BTD: What inspires your creative juices?
Amanda: A crucial part of my creative process is making sure my life is brimming with creative moments apart from work. I dream up DIY projects, decorate our home, get dirt under my fingernails in the garden, dabble in photography, and do a fair amount of baking. These moments keep me inspired and keep my creative juices flowing.
BTD: What’s the last “design” book you read?
Amanda: This is kind of embarrassing, but I don’t really¬†read¬†design books. I mostly just look at the pictures. Does anyone else do that? My most recent acquisition is “Typography Sketchbooks” by¬†Steven Heller and Lita Talarico. It is super inspiring, and has some amazing hand lettering work from over 90 different designers.
“Typography Sketchbooks” by¬†Steven Heller and Lita Talarico

BTD: If money was no object, what one piece of furniture/accessory would you buy?
Amanda: I have to revise this question a little to say “If money and your husband were no object…” haha! I love mid-century style couches with button tufts (specifically the Bantam sofa from Design Within Reach). Alas, they aren’t cheap and my husband only likes big soft squishy couches. Sigh!
BTD: What’s your favorite song on your current playlist?
Amanda: Currently my favorite song is “Eet” by Regina Spektor. I’m learning to play the ukulele, and I can¬†almost¬†play it and sing along!¬†

 Amanda playing her ukulele

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