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I Totally Agree….Do You??

January 16th, 2015

Another designer friend of mine stopped by the other day and commented on how my home is just like me.  I can not think of many nicer things that could be said about a visit to my house.

Then today I read the following..

This is the first paragraph of the editor’s letter in the winter issue of DOMINO magazine-

” “Style is character,” wrote VOGUE’S great editor Grace Mirabella.  Sotrue.  I know that the kind of design we’re interested in here at DOMINO is deeply motivated by personally, experience, distinctness.  After all, the only real point of interior design is expression, of realizing yourself in your surroundings.  Like it or not, your home is who you are- a living document of your life and that of your family.  I interviewed the designer Celerie Kemble, who told me that when it comes to decoration, you only ever have two options:”You can relate to the red wine stains on your sofa either as flaws requiring reupholstery or as evidence of a really great party.” To me, the choice is clear.”

Look around your home…what do you see?



Happy Weekend Y’all!


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