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I Have Always Loved Antique Square Log Cabins

April 12th, 2010

You may not know that log cabins were brought to America in the 17th century by European immigrants.  The were usually very small- 10 feet wide by 12 to 24 feet long often with one main room with

a sleeping loft.  Many cabins were made in the frontier construction style featuring  logs that were squared and notched to overlap at the corners of the cabin.  Large stones were used in the foundation to keep the logs off of the ground which of course would cause rot and deterioration of the logs.  The term chinking was used by stuffing leaves, moss, dirt and dried manure between the logs for insulation and filler.  By covering the stuffing with mud in and outside created the chinking which sealed out the elements.

Years ago, we almost purchased on old log cabin but we were transferred before we wrote the contract.
This one is amazing with acres of land, a waterfall, fish ponds and views that are so stunning they take your breath away.

Climb in the hammock
or sit in a chair.
Just enjoy this amazing mid-1800’s log cabin with some newer additions.
See that view? Told you!

Merging the old with new is done so well.

A peek inside…

Notice the finishes in the bathroom.  Log, barn siding
and stone counters.
Going down to explore in a 4 wheeler

Hiking ALL the way back up because we couldn’t get
the 4 wheeler back up.

Bear tracks!

Can you see the wild turkey on the right?
Back to the cabin..
A lovely day.

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    I would like one of these please. I love the views. Allison Dahle

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