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How We Make A Room Distinctive And Reflect Your Style

August 31st, 2012

We try to find pieces in your home that tell your story and personalize your space.  These can be
         mementos that were collected from your travels, special gifts, and art.

If something is not working or is not helping the room in any way we eliminate or edit it. It is important
          to keep only items that maintain a harmonious feel to the room.  You
can’t always keep everything.

Engage all of the five senses. Using fresh flowers, windows open to hear the birds,
          pretty dish of chocolate covered almonds (they fit in any decor!) and a wonderful mix of texture, 
          color and pattern you will make the room a place you want to be in.  
            I once did a room that I had nature                                                 sounds playing with birds singing (on repeat) so it felt like the windows were open.

Invest in the best quality that you can afford with the thought that you will have these item for years, if not forever- things that will last.  Fine bed linens if    
 properly taken care of will last, antiques or well made furniture, original art all become
an investment for you and something that doesn’t need replacing. These pieces
will add to “your history”.

Have fun looking for treasures to personalize your home.  Whether it is at a flea market
or antique show, ebay or your parents attic look for special pieces that tell who you are.

Have a HAPPY Labor Day Weekend!!!!!

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