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How To Hang Frames on a Gallery Wall

July 22nd, 2013

Gallery walls are a great way to showcase timeless memories while maintaining a stylish and sophisticated look.

K.I.D Collective Gallery Wall

K.I.D Collective Gallery Wall

So Haute via Domino Gallery Wall

So Haute via Domino Gallery Wall

There’s NO question that gallery walls are a great addition to a hallway or blank wall. The only question is….what comes after purchasing the frames and printing your pictures??

Our advice to you is to trace your frames onto scrap paper. Once you have all the “faux frames” cut out, position them on the wall until you’re content with the layout. Then hammer a small nail into the paper, remove the paper, and replace the nail in the hole. Voila! Instant gallery collage!

gallery wall 1

gallery wall 4

gallery wall 2

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