Harmless Banter by Beverly Taylor Design

GREEN on the runway!

July 26th, 2012

Last night, Beverly Taylor Design attended a great event hosted by Redress Raleigh. This event, named “contact and connect,” was a great opportunity for creative professionals to network. 

At this event we learned more about the great movement called Redress Raleigh. Redress Raleigh aims to reorient mainstream fashion to be socially and environmentally aware, becoming a catalyst for major change in the retail industry. Being eco-friendly is very important to us not only within interior design, but also in everything else we do, which is why we love this movement. Check out their website to learn more and be sure to keep a lookout for their next fashion show! (We heard the last one was amazing!)
Ashton Burnette from Redress Raleigh and I at the event. Ashton is a media, marketing & event manager for Redress Raleigh. She did a great job putting together this event! Click on the picture to learn more about her. 


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