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DIY: Kitchen Island

August 19th, 2013

Having trouble finding that perfect kitchen island for your small kitchen? Wellllll have no fear…you can make your own!

diy kitchen island

via House & Home

This is what you’ll need:

-A console table

-Egg-shell finish paint


-Butcher block

-Rubber drawer liner

-Small metal angle brackets



1. Start by choosing a console table 1.5″ shorter than the height of your counter tops (once table top is installed, they will be the same height)

2. If you plan to repurpose/paint your piece of furniture, sand and prime before painting and add new knobs.

3. Cut length of the butcher block so that you have 6″ more than the table on each side. 

4. Attach block by placing a rubber drawer liner (same size as block) to the table. Then use four angle brackets on each side to keep in place. 


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