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Design Star……

June 20th, 2010

……….returns tonight for it’s second episode!

HGTV’s top rated reality competition comes on @ 10:00 eastern time.
Sorry, I failed to tell you about the first show but I missed it too.
This is the 5th season and the series features 12 contestants including professional designers, architects, contractors, stylist and artist. As a professional designer, I am always fascinated how the contestants choose to navigate through each challenge while I plan what my strategy would be.
While being on a reality show is not my cup of tea, I applaud those that take
the plunge and have known a couple of people that have tried out.
If you decide to follow you will find that one contestant is eliminated
each week until the final 2 compete for their own show on HGTV.

 Go to www.hgtv.com to find out more and watch episodes that you missed.  
The blank white wall is always an interesting challenge.  

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