At bT2 Internet Interiors, it’s our goal to provide an online interior design service focused on the creation of a collaborative partnership between us (the designer) and you (the homeowner).


For this reason, there are a few “homework” tasks we ask each of our clients to complete before we put together your design package. Following these steps will allow you to participate in the design process and will assist us in providing you the best decorating solution for your individual space.

  1. Measure your space.
    • You will need: pencil, paper, measuring tape
      • Sketch out the existing layout of your room, including the locations of windows, doors, closets, etc. (Don’t worry about scale!)
      • Use your tape measure to measure each wall — corner to corner — while recording the sizes and locations of any openings or built-ins in the space, including doorways, built-in bookcases, etc.
      • Take a detailed measurement of each wall, including the spaces between various points. (Ex. corner to outside of window frame, opposite side of window frame to door frame, etc.) Make sure all these individual measurements add up to your total wall measurements.
      • Consider including ceiling height, location of power outlets, height of windows and doors, location of windows, location of wall sconces/ceiling lights, etc.
  2. Take pictures of the room.
    • You will need: digital camera or cell phone with a camera
      • Take photos of your chosen room showing all walls, windows, doors, etc. (Please include the ceiling and floor, as well.) We should be able to create a comprehensive visual of your room when all photos are grouped together.
      • Take a photo of the outside of your home, apartment, etc. We often use architecture to inspire our designs.
      • Take photos of any furniture, accessories, lighting, rugs, etc. that you would like for us to include in your room design.
      • Take photos of any adjoining spaces or provide the wall colors of these spaces.
  3. Gather interior design inspiration.
    • You will need any of the following: magazines, images from the Internet, paint chips, fabric swatches and more
      • Inspiration can come from anywhere — your Pinterest boards, a design blog, Pantone® chips — wherever.
      • Keep in mind that inspiration doesn’t have to be design-related. Digging the colors of a sweater advertised in a fashion magazine? Love the feel of a creative album cover from your favorite artist? Send it over, along with a description of why it inspires you.
      • Showing us what you don’t like can be just as helpful as showing us what you do.
      • We play by the rule that more is better. Our designers want to get a good idea of your personal taste and style before we start designing your room.
  4. Fill out our questionnaire.
    • Fill out this online form to provide us with valuable information about your current room, personal tastes, budget and much more!
  5. Send your payment.
    • You will need: credit card, check or PayPal account
  6. Wait for your booklet to arrive!

bT2 Internet Interiors (a service of Beverly Taylor Design) offers affordable online interior design service to homeowners in Raleigh, Charlotte, Wilmington, NC and nationwide…(so really, everywhere!)