Essentially, bT2 combines the guidance of a professional interior decorator with the freedom (and fun!) of DIY design.

Here’s how it works…

  1. Select the room you’d like us to help you redesign. Pricing is set at a flat rate based on room type.
  2. After you choose your room, we ask you to complete a few “homework” tasks and a questionnaire to help us get a better idea of your space, as well as your personal design style, price points and more. All of this information can be provided via email or snail mail.
  3. Once we’ve received your information and payment, we’ll get started designing your room, putting together a furniture plan, remodeling tips, drawings, samples and a list of budget-appropriate resources you can purchase to help pull the design together.
  4. You’ll receive your design package within a few weeks. At this point, we hand the decorating process over to you!

Our Online Interior Design Service

In today’s economy, the risk of buying and selling a house can be significant. Although many areas of the country are seeing an uptick in home prices, a majority of individuals and families have made the decision to stay in their current homes instead of upgrading to newer, bigger homes.

For this reason, homeowners are increasingly looking for creative, affordable ways to update their homes, many of whom are turning to interior design as a solution. That’s where bT2 Internet Interiors comes in.

Interested in learning more? Ready to get started? Contact bT2 Internet Interiors’ professional online designers in Raleigh, NC today by calling 919-847-4717. We look forward to working with you!

bT2 Internet Interiors (a service of Beverly Taylor Design) offers affordable online interior design service to homeowners in Raleigh, Charlotte, Wilmington, NC and nationwide…(so really, everywhere!)