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September 21st, 2010

The following article was written by Steve Nobel for Inspired.Talk.  It begins a discussion that will be continued in my blog on the importance of hiring a professional designer.  That is a designer that has a degree in design, passed the NCIDQ or working toward passing the NCIDQ, which is signified by the appellation, ASID, following the designers name.

INSPIRED.Why A Designer?

Over the last few months, the Decorative Furnishings Association has made preparations to take the next big steps toward its mission: creating more consumers of design. DFA just unveiled the concept for its new advertising campaign: “Why a Designer,” which addresses the concerns affluent consumers have about using an interior designer.
The ads feature a practicing interior designer successfully interacting with a client in a well-designed living room where children are playing. The image is all about the happy, satisfying and rewarding relationship between designer and client. Below the image, statements of ‘myth’ vs. ‘reality’ will be listed:
“It’s too expensive” – “We met our budget”
“I’d lose control” – “We worked as a team”
“It’s not practical” – “We love the results”
“It’s out of my budget” – “We nailed the budget”
“It’s not my style” – “It’s so us!”
It’s the first campaign of this nature to be presented in the industry and is expected to launch in House BeautifulArchitectural DigestVerandaLuxe Interiors + Design and Elle Décor in January issues. Editor at Large gave it an initial thumbs up.
I have had a role in this, so naturally I am quite excited about the creative theme that centers on the delightful relationship between client and designer.
How do you answer the question, why a designer? Research shows that among affluent households that can afford an interior designer, only 15% actually use one. The campaign’s goal is targeted towards the 85% who could be or should be using professional design services.
“We must sharpen our message about why working with a designer has so many benefits, and how designers can market their businesses accordingly,” said Cary Kravet, acting President of DFA and President of Kravet, “The DFA serves as a forum for industry to communicate a vision and plan for revitalizing the market.”
Momentum for the campaign is growing through a series of Town Hall Meetings sponsored by media outlets and design centers throughout the country. They are intended to expand awareness of, support for and participation in addressing challenges facing the design ecosystem throughout the country. The organized and open discussion also provides for all voices representing all segments of the community to be heard.
Inspired? Talk. Tell me in a few words ‘why a designer’? We will open the ideas for all our readers to share.
Stevenobel Steve Noble

For those of you that subscribe to any of the shelter magazines listed above, I hope that you will take note and let me know what you think.

For me……
The health, welfare and safety are the foundation of what my design is based on.  The final project should reflect these things in addition to the needs and personality of the client….the personal part that
makes them feel comfortable in their space.  That is why I want to use my design ideas to provide an amazing experience for my client-during the process and long long after its completion.

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