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Boudoir…what’s the real meaning?

August 28th, 2012

Ever wonder how the word boudoir came into being?
Boudoir- dwär, -dwôr‘    
 A woman’s private sitting room, dressing room, or bedroom.

This word comes from the old french word “bouder” which means, to sulk. 

Boudoir is a French word whose original meaning was “pouting room.” In earlier times, if a young lady was sulky, she was sent to her boudoir where she could pout in private.

 Be sure to make your “boudoir” a place that helps you escape from your worries and stress. It should captivate while also being inviting and it needs to be more than just comfortable it should be a place where you feel your best……don’t you think???? 

Keep us in mind when you’re ready to update your “boudoir,” we would love to help. 

Boudoir by Beverly Taylor Design

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the pic of the boudoir you designed! Looks exactly like the kind of place I would love to go to to sulk and pout. Beautiful!


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