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Back From Italy And It Was Amazing!!!!

October 11th, 2011

Our first day, September 23rd, in Italy we stayed at –Palazzo al Velabro recommended by Canadian friends. It over looks the Arch of Janus

 (built in the early 4th century possibly in honor
or Constantine or Constantine II and has 4 fronts and 4 arches)

 and the Temple of Vesta, in Palatine Hill.

(Also part of the Roman Forum this was dedicated to Vesta, the goddess of the household hearth)

Inside our Palazzo:

This floor lamp changed colors inside of the glass
 The computer area
Loved this duck lamp that I first saw at High Point Market a while ago.
Steps up from the lobby a wonderful sitting area
By the front door- you can get a glimpse of what is out side
In the lobby- love the sofa for it’s style
 Graphic 3-dimensional art piece in the sitting area above the lobby

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