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A Living Artist That You Must Know About… Toshiko Takeazu

February 10th, 2011

For over 50 years, Toshiko Takeazu has been creating ceramic works of art from palm sized to over 6 feet tall. It is the tall closed forms that she is known. Her ceramic vessels are amazing.

Born in Hawaii of Japanese descent in 1922, Takaezu has worked actively in clay, fiber, and bronze for over sixty years. Influenced by midcentury modernism, her work has transformed from functional vessels to abstract sculptural forms and installations. Over the years, she has continued to draw on a combination of Eastern and Western techniques and aesthetics, as well as her love of the natural world. In particular, Takaezu’s vertical closed forms have become a symbol of her work, created through a combination of wheel-throwing and hand-building techniques that allowed her to grow her vessels vertically and eased the circular restrictions of the wheel. In addition to her art, Takaezu is renowned for her teaching, including twenty years at Princeton University.

Look at the glaze on this piece!

A video interview with the artist- http://vimeo.com/7436480
If you would like to know more you should google her name.
Thank you Dr. Land for bringing this artist to my attention.

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