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Check Out the International Fair!

September 28th, 2012

Learning about different cultures can be a 
great way to find design inspiration. 
With our advanced technology and ability to travel, our oceans have shrunk, and the lines between nations have all but faded. This has resulted in a wonderful era of fresh and energizing ideas.

In today’s world, we can celebrate a number of cultures without having to ever leave our homes, by decorating with an international flair. 

Any opportunity to learn about different cultures is a great one! 

For those of you in Raleigh, be sure to check out the 27th Annual International Festival this weekend at the Convention Center!

September 28th-30th

*Come watch authentic ethnic dances from over 30 different cultures performed on the mainstage. 
*Stroll through the many Cultral Exhibits to learn about the rich history and traditions.
*Shop the world bazaars for crafts and items from across the globe. 
*Taste your way around the globe with delicious food from the sidewalk cafes. 
Click here for more info. 


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